Behavior Coaching for High Performers


We make the accidental psychological  benefits of exercise happen on purpose.

The ultimate in high performance training.    Our Behavior Coaching system delivers psychological skills incorporated with physical training and nutritional coaching. Only for those who understand that health works within a system and are obsessed with high performance. In their bodies. Their minds. Their careers. Their relationships Their lives. 

Our Approach

Our highest-tier service. You will interact with your coach on a daily basis as well as with Spencer Nix, the Owner and Chief Researcher (Masters in Neuroscience and Applied Cognition). 

Your Journey

Schedule an Intro

Come in at a time that suits you, tour the gym, and have a quality conversation about your goals, needs, and wants. We’ll pair you with a coach that matches your personality and has the knowledge and experience to deliver your goals, and get you on your way to training.


When it comes to your nutritional health, guesswork won’t cut it. We start with a daily evaluation of nutrient timing, quality, and quantity to determine individual deficiencies. From there we plan your system and address any limiting factors through incremental habit changes.

Training & Nutritional Coaching

Attend the session that suits your schedule best, and train in our friendly, encouraging small group atmosphere. It’s just a bunch of good people chasing dreams, goals, and a clear mind, so you’ll fit right in. Nutrition works within a system or variables and one size does not fit all. Factoring in all the variables and individualizing the prescription sets our clients up for success.

Stay Accountable

You will check in with your coach on a daily basis as well as with Spencer Nix, the Owner and Chief Researcher (Masters in Neuroscience and Applied Cognition). At this level we are committed to giving you the most attentive and tailored service possible.

Keep Progressing

Your membership includes a quarterly 1-on-1 session with your coach. This is all about reviewing progress, gathering feedback (we love growing alongside you, not dictating to you), and planning for our next training block. 

The Summit Never Comes.
Keep Growing.

High performers, whether CEO’s or stay-at-home moms, understand that to be your best you have to work on everything. Fitness and health start with your brain; your thoughts and beliefs and then stem out from your actions and performance. Addressing the whole system is what makes this service extremely effective. 
Luctor et Emergo
– Suffer and Emerge

Customized Training.
Stimulating Discourse.
Radical Health.

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