The Art of
Radical Health
& Athlete Design

9 Weeks.
20 Renegades.

1 Radical Certification.


You know how to coach performance, but what about the rest of your client's life?

For those wanting to coach more than just fitness. We teach a systems-based approach to health that not only produces radical performance but also the potential for a radical life.



Purpose and identity are essential concepts to incorporate into any practice (especially fitness) and we’ll teach you how to lead with them. Conjuring up a vision of who we want to be is the first step for transformational work, wouldn’t you say?



Understanding the true map of health can be overwhelming at first, but it’s also fun. Understanding limiting factors, feedback loops, and other causal processes helps make sense of this ‘wicked problem’ called health. We’ll teach you ours.


Change Psychology

Real humans have messy lives. We’ll teach you a realistic model of how change works, show you how to adapt it to individual lives, and even give you tools to address things such as ambivalence and disinhibition.


Action Research

Once you have the tools, it’s a collaborative process of trial and error. We’ll teach you, from the beginning, how to set up your clients for long-term change and we’ll even give you access to our “action library.”



Lots of courses out there are sold as PDFs and recorded videos. We believe coaching real people requires modeling the relationship of professional coaching. We will guide and coach you in small groups and one-on-one through the 10 weeks.

The Six Territories of Health


Learn to conceptualize and coach health through the six territories which dictate health, fitness, and performance.

Luctor et Emergo
– Suffer and Emerge

Customized Training.
Stimulating Discourse.
Radical Health Education.

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